Esempi di CreateBoxEdit

Box types Edit

The default location of the submit button(s) is below the input box. The submit button can be moved to the right by using the line break parameter to eliminate the line break between the input box and the submit button: break=no

Having the submit button to the right is useful for search boxes when search suggestions would otherwise cover up a search button below the search box.

Type Example Description

Creates a search box which has a default width of 50 characters. Information added in the text box is searched for.

Creates a new page. Information added in the text box is the name of the page which is edited.

Adds a new section to the bottom of the page specified in the text box.

Adds a new section with the section header typed into the text box. The page has to be specified with page= parameter. Added in rev:42703.

Search only with the fulltext search button, without the 'Go' button. Added in rev:45269.

For type=search2 the default location for the search button is to the right. Currently, it does not seem to be possible to add other parameters to this type of input box. This search box searches the entire wiki that it is placed on.

Type Example